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practical solutions for professionals

Beyond Accounting Technologies specialises in supporting CEO’s, CFO’s and accounting managers in all aspects of Predictive Accounting. This includes budgets,cash flows, diagnostics, strategy setting, and the reporting of budgeted and actual Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)

Heavy emphasis is placed on the utilisation of specialised and purpose built tools such as PlanGuru, WinForecast, and other products that offer diagnostic and predictive analysis, especially utilising Dupont methodologies.

Training and implementation programs have been developed to ensure a rapid knowledge transfer and understanding of the theory and practice of Predictive Accounting.

Fees are scoped on a case by case basis, and are fixed according to the project. Costs and benefits are therefore known prior to commencement, and outcomes usually exceed client expectations, giving high value results.

Did you know that  a spreadsheet is an excellent but dangerous tool for forecasting?
With a surveyed error rate of 88 %, there are better ways to predict financial results.
Click here for more information on undetected errors in spreadsheets.